Supreme Court of Victoria Practice Note 9 of 2011 – Citation and provision of judgments to the Court and opposing counsel

Yesterday, the executive associate to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria released an updated Practice Note directing practitioners on this issue. Where a judgment has been reported, authorised law reports of judgments are still preferred by the Court. Guidance is given as to what the Court expects as to non-authorised judgments, and unreported judgments available only electronically. Note that these last must be printed out only in RTF or PDF form. Only in portrait, not landscape, and not in reduced size. Note too that references to passages of a judgment must include both the page and the paragraph number. Read the full Practice Note here.

Note also that this year the Federal Court of Australia have also updated their requirements as to lists of authorities, citation of cases and legislation for proceedings generally –  Practice Note CM 2 released on 1 August 2011.

**Postscript: the Federal Court’s Practice Note CM 2 was updated in August 2012 and may be found here.

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