About this Site

This blog is intended as a tool to assist legal practitioners, insolvency professionals and their staff to keep up to date with recent cases and developments in insolvency and commercial law, particularly recent Victorian Supreme Court, Federal Court, High Court and some New South Wales Supreme Court decisions. The area is vast, so my focus will be narrowed to key cases and developments of interest and relevance to my practice at the Bar.

This site is also intended to provide a medium to stimulate discussion and debate about insolvency and corporations law and related topics.

Some updates on this site will simply summarise recent decisions, some will include a critical analysis of them, and some will constitute a “stocktake” of the current state of the law on a particular issue.

I hope you enjoy using the site.

Carrie Rome-Sievers

Lonsdale Chambers


2 thoughts on “About this Site

    • Thank you for your comments Marek. I prefer to enable people to register to receive email alerts when I publish a new post, rather than using an RSS feed. A lot of Mac users who prefer to use Outlook instead of iMail have trouble with RSS feeds, because the various methods for replacing iMail with Outlook as the default app for RSS feeds do not work very well. In contrast, no one appears to have difficulty with the reliability of the email alerts. Best wishes, Carrie Rome-Sievers

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